Resident house in Mohammadpur

Date: March 2022
Location:     Bosila, Dhaka
Client:      Noyon Kundu
Category: Residential

In the heart of Nayon Kundu, a residence underwent a truly remarkable transformation, turning a simple house into a haven of beauty and functionality. The success story of Kundu’s residence showcases how thoughtful interior design can breathe new life into living spaces.
The Challenge: When Kundu approached NANDAN, their residence lacked the charm and character they desired. The challenge was to create an environment that reflected their personality, accommodated their lifestyle, and provided a sense of warmth and comfort.

Our Solutions

With a clear vision in mind, the design concept was developed. The aim was to create an elegant yet cozy atmosphere that seamlessly blended modern aesthetics with functionality. Soft color palettes, tasteful furniture choices, and strategic space planning were at the core of the design.

As the design took shape, the NANDAN team meticulously executed the plan. From carefully selecting materials to crafting custom pieces, every detail was approached with precision. The transformation process involved renovating existing elements and integrating new ones, resulting in a harmonious and inviting space.

The culmination of hard work and creativity was nothing short of breathtaking. KUNDU’s residence was reborn as a showcase of their personality and style. The living room radiated with elegance, the bedrooms exuded coziness, and the kitchen became a functional and beautiful hub for culinary delights.